To become a certified GDQ consultant with the right to use the GDQ as an instrument when working with groups you can attend our online certification course or one of our 4-day workshops in classroom form.

Our online certification process

The online certification consists of different modules and is available in English. With the help of your textbook Group Processes – A Developmental Perspective by Susan A Wheelan and the test-manual you will complete one module at a time before moving on to the next. Each module finishes with a quiz to make sure you have attained a sufficient level of knowledge to maintain a qualitative and ethical use of the GDQ. As you reach the last module you will conduct a real GDQ measurement on a workgroup. You will administer the measurement with the help of our online test system after which you interpret the results and plan for suitable interventions in an oral exam conducted in a video meeting with one of our Trainer of Trainers. The last step of your certification is to report your results back to the workgroup and have a final feedback session with your trainer to discuss any difficulties and learnings. As all of these steps are completed you become a

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certified GDQ consultant.

Cost: 30.000 SEK.

If you are interested in undergoing the online certification process, please send an e-mail to

Our 4-day workshop to become certified

The live GDQ training consists of 2 + 2 days during which participants learn about the theory and research behind the GDQ and conduct a real GDQ measurement on a workgroup. They score and interpret results manually and present them to the other participants on day 3 and 4. Read more about our upcoming trainings below. We currently give live trainings, in Swedish, in Stockholm and Gothenburg in collaboration with Henrysson, Åkerlund & Sjöberg AB and Treatis AB, in Norwegian, in Oslo in collaboration with Alaric AS. We also arrange in-house GDQ trainings for organisations. There are also trainings organised by other companies. Please contact us at to learn more.

Cost: 31.000 SEK.

Upcoming trainings

Stockholm, Sweden

4-5 of February and 4-5 of March 2020 in central Stockholm. Teacher: Maria Åkerlund, Henrysson, Åkerlund & Sjöberg AB.

1-2 of April and 5-6 of May 2020 in central Stockholm. Teacher: Maria Åkerlund,

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Henrysson, Åkerlund & Sjöberg AB.

7-8 of October and 5-6 of November 2020 in central Stockholm. Teacher: Maria Åkerlund, Henrysson, Åkerlund & Sjöberg AB.

10-11 of November and 9-10 of December 2020 in central Stockholm. Teacher: Maria Åkerlund, Henrysson, Åkerlund & Sjöberg AB.

Gothenburg, Sweden

25-26 of March and 15-16 of April 2019 in central Gothenburg

Teacher : Christian Jacobsson , Gothenburg University and Maria Wramsten Wilmar, Treatis AB.

Oslo, Norway

28 of February – 1 of March and 14-15 of March 2019 in central Oslo

Teacher : Jon Erik Børresen , Organisasjonspsykolog, Alaric AS

Repetition courses

For certified GDQ consultants who need repetition of administering, interpreting and presenting GDQ results

15th of May 2020, 09.00-12.00 (CET) in central Stockholm. Teacher: Maria Åkerlund, Henrysson, Åkerlund & Sjöberg AB. Cost: 5000 SEK per participant.

Team development – in theory and in practice

A course for GDQ consultants who may benefit from further knowledge in the area of team development.

23th, 24th and 25th of September and 29th of October 2020 in central Stockholm. Teachers: Maria Åkerlund, Henrysson, Åkerlund & Sjöberg AB. Christian Jacobsson, Gothenburg University, Treatis AB. Jon Erik Børresen, Alaric AS. Cost: 21 000 SEK per participant.

Read more and sign up here.

Case consultation

We also provide case consultation to help interpret GDQ results and recommend next steps. Contact to book a consultation. Cost: 2500 SEK per hour.

Certification course in TotalSDI for already certified GDQ consultants in Sweden

For more information about the course press here.


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